Field Trips


For Information on upcoming trips exploring the natural history of Simcoe County and lead by BFNC members, please click on the trips link above . From time to time other organizations sponsor similar events that may be of interest to BFNC members. These events will usually be publicized on the web site.

For trip start times and meeting placess please refer to the trip description.  Information will also be on our Facebook group page.  If in doubt contact the field trip leader.


All times shown are departure times. Check the website, Facebook page or with the trip leader prior to the departure date for any changes in the published itinerary.


Visitors are welcomed on all trips, Don't be afraid to ask questions and have members show you how to use field guides or other resource materials. We were all novices at one point and we are all still learning. Bring enthusiasm, binoculars, spotting scope (if you have one) camera and dress for the weather.


Please no pets!


If you are car pooling, and this is recommended for most of our outings, we ask you please be considerate of the driver, and offer reimbursement for part of the fuel costs.


01 April 2023
12 April 2023
29 April 2023
03 May 2023
         Wednesday 03 May 2023 06:30pm - 08:00pm

17 May 2023
         Wednesday 17 May 2023 08:00am - 12:01pm

20 May 2023
24 May 2023
27 May 2023
03 June 2023
07 June 2023
10 June 2023
08 July 2023